Make Money From Your Basement Or Garage

Do you enjoy putting things together?  Do you have the ability to easily understand instructions and intuitively know how items work and fit together?  Is your garage or basement already filled with tools?  Not all people have the ability to understand instructions and put things together.  In fact, many people are overwhelmed with instructions.  They purchase products and then when it comes to assembly, they spend hours trying to get everything to fit together right.

If you have a natural ability to understand instructions and love building things, then you can probably make a great income from it!

That is how John earns his living.  He loves working with tools and wood.  His wife was always asking him to make something for the house.  His friends would see the work and comment on how well it was made.  Now, as a benefit, he gets to stay home instead of putting in eight hours for a company.

How It Works:

Contact local retailers that sell furniture and other items that require assembly.  Many stores offer these products but do not have a service that will help put the product together.  Let them know that you can offer this service to their customers.  They will then refer you to any customers that request this assistance.  You complete the project and the customer pays you for the finished product.

What You Will Need:

You should have all the tools you will need for assembly in your garage or basement so there is no initial cost for tools.  Most assemblies only use a screwdriver and maybe a hammer unless they provide special tools for their product.

Next, you will need some business cards.  These are easy to create on a home computer (or you can use a printing service like the one offered at; VistaPrint, Office Depot or Office Max).  If using a home computer, programs like MS Works, MS Word, or Publisher makes it easy to create business cards.  You can purchase inexpensive business card blanks at any office supply store to print on your own printer.

How to Get Clients:

Visit any local retailer that sells furniture, and other items that require assembly and ask to speak with their department manager.  Tell them what you are doing and give them several business cards.  On a monthly basis, you provide them with additional business cards.

You could also take out a small ad in your local newspaper classified ads.  Something simple like:


This type of ad is very inexpensive and may provide additional clients.  Just what you are now looking for!

Helpful Resources: